Mrs Margaret Will 1913 - 2007

Mrs Margaret Will 1913 - 2007
William Mackay


Born in 1913 in Dornoch, where her father was a tailor, Margaret Will’s early life was spent in Lairg in a family of eight sisters and three brothers. She herself trained as a tailor in Beauly, but returned to Lairg to care for her mother after a few years.

Margaret married Sam Will in 1940, and in 1947 they travelled to Peru with their three children and began years of useful service in Lima. Their home was an important centre of missionary activity, in which Margaret played a very signifi cant part. They were known for their hospitality and had many friends. A fourth child was born, and the family of Ellen, Peter, Ronald and Rosemary were well cared for by their mother.

Boys from the school were invited to the Wills’ home for Bible Study and also assisted in the works of social and spiritual care undertaken by Sam in the northern suburbs. Margaret gave very willing support to this work. Scripture Union camp work was in its infancy, but she gave valuable assistance in its development.

As the family grew up, she was able to give help in the administrative side of the school’s work, monitoring student attendance as well as the weekly information for parents on student progress and conduct. Her work was always of the highest caliber.

In the early 60s, the family settled in Dundee, where they were involved with the Free Church and in various other Christian enterprises until after Sam’s retirement.

In 1989, Sam and Margaret moved to Aberdeen and gave support to Bon Accord Free Church, where they ran a Senior Citizens’ meeting. Sam died in 1996, and Margaret continued to give strong support to the family, including 14 grandchildren. Her prayer support for Christian work at home and overseas was a continuing strength.

Three years ago she became a resident of Tony Care Home, where she received excellent care, but much of her long life was spent in caring for others. When no longer able to read for herself, she would ask staff at the home to read to her from the Psalter.

Rev Fergus Macdonald took the funeral service in Aberdeen and also at the burial in Balgay Cemetery in Dundee. Of Margaret he said, ‘In death as in life the Lord was her refuge and her strength, and today we are greatly comforted by the assurance that she is now singing the new song of the Bride and of the Lamb, along with Sam and all the others among that great multitude that no-one can number, gathered around the throne of God from every nation, tribe, people and language’.

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