Colegio San Andrés 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Colegio San Andrés 90th Anniversary Celebrations
Ian MacIver

The College was founded as the Escuela Anglo-Peruana on 13 June 1917 in six sparsely furnished rooms and one office looking out on to a roofless corridor in an old building in downtown Lima. It began with 40 pupils under the headmastership of John A Mackay, later to become President of Princeton Theological Seminary in the USA.

When the secondary department was added in 1919, the name was changed to Colegio Anglo-Peruano, and later in 1942 to Colegio San Andrés. In these early days both boys and girls were enrolled, but from 1924 to 1994 it was a boys-only school.

The Colegio moved to its current location in 1930, a site then on the outskirts of the city and described in the following terms at the time: ‘surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens’, ‘one of the healthiest, most attractive parts of Lima’, ‘the pupils breathe in the pure air away from the city centre’. In 2007, these words sound rather ironic as the city traffic roars unceasingly past the classroom windows, and the city’s edge is miles away in every direction.

Later, adjacent ground was bought and additional classroom and missionary accommodation was constructed; the accommodation also eventually became classrooms under pressure of space.

The anniversary week began with a Thanksgiving Service in the Colegio Auditorium on Sunday, 10 June. On Wednesday, the Morning Assembly commenced at 9.00am with the secondary students and many guests present. Speakers included, amongst others, Rev Tim Donachie, Iain MacAskill, Ian MacIver, and “Old Boys” from the graduating classes of 30, 50 and (yes!) 70 years ago. Indeed, four of these Old Boys from 1937 were present, with another four sending their apologies. All eight were, or will be, presented with individually named commemorative plaques.

At Assembly there was also a recorded presentation, which started with photographs of all previous Headmasters. There was applause for each from the groups present who could remember them. There was particularly warm applause from the pupils for Donnie MacAulay, who was obviously held in great respect. There were also recorded and illustrated messages from Janis Brand, Clive Bailey, Elizabeth MacKenzie, William Mackay, John MacPherson and Alan Fraser, all of whom served the Colegio in different capacities, the last three as Headmasters.

The Old Boys’ commemorative dinner in the evening was attended by former students returning from as far away as New York to be present, and was addressed by the current Minister of Health, an Old Boy who spoke appreciatively of his time in the Colegio. It was quite touching at the dinner to have a full table of Old Boys stand and belt out the rousing San Andrés song whilst waving a (very) large Scottish fl ag – the St Andrew’s Cross.

All in all the overwhelming impression was of a school coping admirably in cramped conditions, maintained immaculately by the support staff, with warm relations between students and teachers, and deserving of our prayers and encouragement as they deal with an ever more competitive environment. The last year has been a particularly stressful one, especially after the tragic fatal accident in Inverness, so our prayers and support are even more vital.

On a final note, it was moving to see that a proportion of the ticket cost from the Old Boys’ dinner will go toward the fund preparing for the 2017 Centenary, and the Free Church representatives had been authorised by the International Missions Board and by the Trustees to pledge US$2000 to the same purpose.

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