Colegio San Andrés Update

Colegio San Andrés Update
Ian MacIver

Following on from the Colegio news in the September issue, the International Missions Board express their grateful thanks now to Rev Tim Donachie and his wife Marjorie who completed their terms of service in August 2007. Tim started in the Colegio in 1997 as a teacher of English and History and later became Head of the Secondary School, whilst Marjorie served as a teacher and coordinator of English in Primary. For a period this summer, Tim also fulfi lled an invaluable role as Interim Head Teacher, most particularly across the period of the 90th Anniversary celebrations.

Rev Marcos Florit travelled out to Lima in early September, with Patricia following in October. Marcos will serve as Interim Head Teacher until the end of the year. Thereafter Clive and Ruth Bailey go out on the 11th January 2008, when Clive takes over the substantive Head Teacher post. Both Marcos and Clive have previous experience in the Colegio – indeed Marcos is a former Head Teacher himself.

The Board would wish to record its thanks fi rstly to Marcos and Patricia Florit for accepting this responsibility, and secondly to both the Lochcarron congregation and the Skye and Wester Ross Presbytery for releasing Marcos for this purpose.

In addition to these changes, Señor Julio Ardiles has retired from his position as Administrator in the Colegio. Julio’s connection with the Colegio has been in a number of different capacities. He was elected as Chairman of the San Andrés Parents’ Association in 1986, and both then and afterwards his accountancy qualifi cations and business experience have stood the Colegio in good stead, especially since his appointment as Administrator. In one of his last tasks, Julio was responsible for the planning and running of the 90th Anniversary celebrations.

The newly appointed Administrator is Señor Walter Leiva, who comes with considerable background experience in financial management with the Latin American offices of several multinational companies.

Throughout all these changes, Señora Dora Quiroz has continued as Head of Primary and as titular Principal of the Colegio in the eyes of the Peruvian government’s educational system. We commend all of those who work, or have worked, in the Colegio to the prayers of the Church.

We especially commend the new management team as they take up the reins of office, and as they cope with the repairs necessary after August’s earthquake.

A Farewell Meeting for the Baileys has been arranged for Saturday 8 December in Ayr Free Church at 2.30pm.

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